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TheUConnBlog by the numbers: 2010 edition

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It's kind of hard to believe that we've been a part of SB Nation for just under 16 months. Sure, the first part was rough and marked by the discover of the SB Nation curse, but since then UConn has played in a BCS bowl and won the National Championship (both of which you can't prove weren't directly related to this site moving platforms) so on balance it's worked out.

I recently got a hold of our user stats for 2010 (yes, we keep yearly stats for you guys) and they're reprinted below. This only counts 2010, so nothing since December counts, but we'll get you those numbers next year. Thanks as always for your support of the site, it's nothing without you. Without further ado:

Stats For 2010

New Members


Total Comments


Total Stories


Total FanPosts


Total FanShots


Most Active Commenters

User Count
Kevin Meacham 3244
Andrew Porter 3220
kemba walker is my hero... 1098
UConnBlog Justin 1091
fcmonk 856
hawtin 650
ponta 645
gxpanos 519
llimllib 493
justdave 468

Most FanPosts

User Count
Andrew Porter 9
Kevin Meacham 7
Russell Blair 3
zls44 3
derbyguy 2
JJSHusky25 2
rebelfan1 2
ponta 2
uconncountry 2
The Columnist 1

Most FanShots

User Count
Andrew Porter 102
UConnBlog Justin 72
Kevin Meacham 40
zls44 15
kemba walker is my hero... 11
Fergy 6
ponta 6
Russell Blair 5
derbyguy 3
rebelfan1 2