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Have you ever wanted to seduce someone with a song about Shabazz Napier?

The answer to the above question is no. At least it better be, but that didn't stop someone calling themselves JBrado from recording a song that implies that somewhere out there there is someone who really wants to have sex to a song that features the words "Niels" and "Giffey." Opening with dulcet tones of Jim Nantz and transferring into the sly come-on of "We all know you want to be a Husky tonight," this might just be the most ill-conceived of many, many ill-conceived UConn-related songs we've heard in the last month.

But hey maybe I'm wrong and this:

/I'm proud to be a husky for life
/so damn proud
/for life
/so damn proud
/celebrating every day and all night
/every single night
/all night, all night, whooaaaaa

will be all you need to sweet-talk some beautiful Storrs girl.