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TheRoundUp 4/13: Shifting gears to football

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Column, Jeff Jacobs, Kemba Walker -
In a world with no time, Walker found time to work relentlessly and improve inexorably. In a world in a rush, the fastest guard in the college game found a way to slow down his life, his game. At a point where everyone else his age wants it now, Kemba saw that a little bit later was soon enough.

What We've Learned About The UConn Defense At Spring Practice - Hartford Courant
Whether UConn is in a 4-3 or 3-4 alignment, you can be assured the Huskies will heed the motto of new defensive coordinator Don Brown: "Solve your problems with aggression." It's been the motto adopted by the defense this spring. It has been the calling card of Brown everywhere he's been.

DeLeone Hopes To Get More Out Of TE Ryan Griffin - Hartford Courant
"Yeah, it's my job to make him better and it's my job to push him to be better than he wants to be," DeLeone said. "I think the key to being a coach is you have to take players to places they don't think they can go. And you know what? That process is hard but it's my job to push that guy to be the best he can be and we've got work to do.

UConn Football Assistant Coach George DeLeone Takes Long Path Back to Storrs - San Antonio Express-News
DeLeone has had little time to relax since being hired as the offensive coordinator at UConn in January by longtime colleague Paul Pasqualoni. He dove head first into recruiting, helping stabilize an incoming class just weeks before national signing day, before planning the new offense to be implemented during spring practice.

UConn women consider a future without Moore - NewsTimes
Moore's departure has provided UConn with an added sense of urgency heading into the off-season as the Huskies take aim at a fifth straight trip to the Final Four. They now know that the success of the team is in their hands.

Moore arrives in Minnesota with work to do -
"It'll definitely be a challenge, but it's a new challenge," Moore said. "I'm looking forward to it. I think it will help me grow as a person and really expand my leadership and experience as a competitor."

UConn's Walker to throw 1st pitch at Yankees game -
Walker, who led UConn to its third national championship with a 53-41 win over Butler last week, has been asked to throw out the first pitch before Wednesday night's game between the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles.