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We had Kemba Walker, you didn't and now we need a new motto

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If you'll let your eyes travel slightly up the page you'll note that our current motto "We have Kemba Walker and you don't," is just a little out of date because after this afternoon's press conference, we no longer have Kemba Walker. What we do have though is a need for a new motto. That's where you come in, because I want you to submit your best suggestions in the comments. I'll look and see what our best options are by Thursday night and we'll have a vote to see what the people want (though you should note that Meacham, Justin and I are benevolent dictators, we'll give you what we want, but only if we also want it).

Before you post your suggestions be sure to not the storied history of our magical motto section. In it's early days it proudly proclaimed that UConn was a lock for a BCS bowl. Lo and behold, we wound up playing for at least a small share of the Tostitos. Then the motto's focus shifted to young Mr. Walker and he delivered unto us a national championship. Can I prove the motto directly caused these things? No, but you can't disprove it either. The point is that the motto may or may not have magical powers.

Also, you should note that while our two previous mottos looked forward it's a long way to football season so looking backward might not be a bad idea (we'll probably work on a new motto sometime in August anyway). The idea I'm currently playing with is something like "Defending the reputation of the Big East because your school is filled with choking dogs," but I'm open to suggestions on the wording of that, or, even better, something entirely different. 

Now it's on you so drop your ideas in the comments.