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Kemba Walker: 'There's no chance I'm coming back'

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Kemba Walker declared his intention to enter NBA draft at today's press conference and there are no surprises there. We touched on this yesterday but Kemba had a full career here, he's in line to get his degree, he won a title and his name and number already on the Huskies of Honor, we can ask no more of Kemba and we wish him well.

Still, with an NBA lockout looming some (delusional) people thought there might be the slightest of slight chances Kemba might decide to stick around in Storrs for a repeat performance. Today, when speaking about hiring an agent, he resolved that question definitively:

"I didn't choose [an agent] I'll go with but there's no chance I'm coming back."

That settles that then. Good luck Kemba, we'll be rooting for you.