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TheBracketChallenge: You get a coozie and you get a coozie and you get a coozie

I don't have numbers to back this up but I'd wager that in this year of a crazy NCAA tournament the bracket pool for a website called "TheUConnBlog" preformed way above average. That's because roughly a quarter of our participants were shameless homers/ basketball Nostrodami who picked UConn to win it all. For three of the twelve there is more than just glory, because we're giving away some glorious Big East Beer Coozies to our top finishers. They are, in order:

1) Alexandra Cavanagh

2) Nikole Dick

3) Joe Hawtin.

As an added bonus, Ms. Cavanagh has the option of penning a post for this site on whatever topic she chooses. Winners, e-mail me to collect your prize. Everyone else check out the final standings here.

Justin won the battle of the authors, edging me by one point (though he only finished in 30th). Meacham? Well, it was a bad year for Meacham.

Thanks for playing everyone.