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Kemba Walker is finally on Twitter, or is he?

Kemba Walker is on Twitter. Maybe. Or maybe he has been for a while. I don't know. I'm not sure I really care either but based on the amount of google searches for "Kemba Walker Twitter" that get directed to this site someone out there does.

Here is what I do know: back in January someone opened a twitter account under the name "Kemba Walker" and quickly had their spot blown up by Alex Oriakhi. I found out about this through a fanshot on our site, though all credit belongs to the intrepid lads over at the Daily Campus.

I thought nothing of that until today, when commentor Natrone Bomb linked to a SSan Diego Union Tribune article that mentioned some trash talking coming from a Twitter account whose owner purported to be Walker. This seemed strange to me because A) I had never heard of the account, B) that doesn't seem like Kemba's style and C) the account @kemba15walker seemed to mostly be retweets of "vote Kemba for POY" or messages that seemed like very public (and very stupid) flirting for someone who will be a first round pick in a few months. As such, I wrote that account off as someone trying to trick the young ladies of the internet into flirting with him (or you know, sending him pictures and such).

Then, tonight, a new account premiered, @ezpassone5, and though there is no confirmation (yet) I suspect this one might actually be Kemba. It's only following three people (Oriakhi, Tyler Olander and Jamaal Coombs-McDaniel -- the rest of UConn's twitterati) and the few tweets from the account so far seem like something Kemba might plausibly send. The inagural message was directed to Orikahi and read simply, "I'm backkkk" That was followed about twenty minutes later by this message:

Yes this is really me. I had to get back because of all the fake ones just didn't want them to say something crazy

and that, ladies and gentlemen, sounds much more like a future NBA draft pick talking. Time will tell if this is the real Kemba, but for now, it's the most likely.

UPDATE: @ezpassone5 is really Kemba, at least according to Alex Oriakhi.

Alternate Update: Roscoe Smith sucks at bowling (and he's not the only one). Again, all credit to Oriakhi's twitter.