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TheBracketPool: If you entered you're not losing to me

Fifty people entered our bracket pool this year in search of glory and beer coozies and forty six of them are doing better than me. The three poor souls who aren't? Well, their tied with me which is bad for them because my bracket is terrible.

Mind you, it's not irredeemable. I still have three of my four Final Four teams in the dance (including Ohio St. my predicted champion) and if you sort by best possible score I'm right in the middle of the pack, but yeah, it's ugly. I've picked 27 of the 48 games correctly but only have six of the Sweet 16 and the only team alive on the right side of my bracket is Kansas.

Justin and Meacham both faired much better than I have. They're tied for twelfth, with each picking 32 games correctly for 40 points. Justin is in the best shape of any of us (like me he has Kansas and Ohio St. the Final Four, unlike me he picked Duke over UConn). Meacham's Final Four included Texas and Pittsburgh though so he might be dropping fast.

As for the rest of you, I didn't realize CBS wouldn't let us nickname our brackets (note to self: use Yahoo! next year) and I don't want to put someone's real name in this post without permission (though feel free to out yourself in the comments), so I'll keep this general: A few of you were quite good -- our leader got 37 of 48 for 46 points -- but I imagine most of you are in the same position I am: this is your worst bracket ever. Looking forward I do see one dark-horse contender: the reader who picked Wisconsin as his champ. Everyone else has Ohio St., Kansas, Pitt or UConn so a Badger run (no matter how improbable) could deliver the title. You can check the full standings here and good luck in the Sweet 16.