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Mick Cronin takes world's least-subtle shot at Jim Calhoun

Jim Calhoun reacts after a ref told him what Mick Cronin said.
Jim Calhoun reacts after a ref told him what Mick Cronin said.

A little less than two weeks ago the All-Big East First Team was announced and while Kemba Walker was on it he was not a unanimous pick -- one of the league's coaches felt he did not deserve the honor. It was absurd then and it looks even more absurd now. We do not know which coach left Walker off his ballot, but Jim Calhoun, never one to keep his opinions to himself thought he had a pretty good idea:

"Ridiculous. Ridiculous, I don't know what league they were watching, or what their personal - someone mentioned right before we played them, one team, that he had committed to them and they were still upset three years later. My advice is get over it. And don't penalize the kid for the season he had. In the final analysis, in Kemba's life it's not going to make any difference. He's a first-team all-Big East player. He'll probably have a longer career than that coach who didn't vote for him."

The clear implication in that quote is that Cincinnati head coach Mick Cronin left Walker off his ballot (Walker did originally intend to go to Cincinnati before switching to the Huskies).

The Huskies and Bearcats will meet and settle any differences on the floor tomorrow, but after Cincinnati's win over Missouri last night Cronin took some time to return fire in the media. Asked why no one took the Bearcats seriously he said this:

"I'm not in the Hall of Fame," he said, in a clear reference to some of his coaching brethren in the league. "We don't have a player on our team on an all-league team. The truth is the media likes what sells."

Well if thats the way you want to play this Mick, that's the way it will be. Personally my answer would have been "No one takes us seriously because we played the world's softest schedule and went 4-8 against the ten best teams in the league (with two of the four wins over a Chris Wright-less Georgetown)," but if you want to claim UConn's overrated because of Calhoun's name feel free. Prove it on the court tomorrow.