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TheRoundUp 3/14: Go West young men

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West: Duke is the star, but UConn will steal show - NCAA Division I Mens Basketball -
Who will win: Connecticut. Go with the hot hand. That would be the one belonging to Kemba Walker. The Huskies came into the Big East tournament as a No. 9 seed. Five withering days later, they emerged as legends with a seed (No. 3) higher than their regular-season finish in the Big East. All the pieces might not be there but it's better to be on a roll going into the tournament than not.

The Day - Part of the madness again: UConn heads West as No. 3 seed | News from southeastern Connecticut
"Being a three seed, obviously I think what we did during the week certainly counted," Calhoun said. "There's no doubt in my mind. We had nine losses. We were a good team in the league. But to be a three and be one of the top nine or 10 teams in the country, our work this past week really paid off."

UConn Draws No. 3 Seed In West Regional: Huskies Open Against Bucknell -
"Physically, I'm feeling all right — honestly," Kemba Walker said. "I got some treatment. And emotionally, I feel like I'm dreaming. It's still a little surreal to me."

UConn coach answers critics with title -
"He's the ultimate fighter, the ultimate competitor," assistant coach George Blaney said. "He has instilled in this program a refusal to lose. He just refuses to lose. So for him not to experience success recently was hard. That's why this one is special."

Walker Like A Big Brother To Lamb And Others -
"Kevin [Ollie] was saying Jeremy has a little bit of Rip Hamilton in him," Calhoun said after UConn was named a No. 3 and matched against Bucknell Thursday night in its NCAA opener. "You thought it was a big shot. He didn't. He thought it was just a shot. Jeremy isn't exactly a worrier.

Louisville's Mike Marra laments missed free throw in loss to UConn in Big East title game |
"That was definitely the most pressure-filled situation I’ve ever been in," Marra said, sitting up in his locker with a pair of red-stained eyes after the game.

UConn Women Learn Monday Night Who They'll Be Playing -
Because of the geography that dictates so much about pairings and placement in women's basketball, the Huskies likely will be assigned to the Philadelphia Regional as opposed to Dayton, Dallas or Spokane. The other top seeds, Tennessee (Dayton), Stanford (Spokane) and Baylor (Dallas), are better fits for those sites.

Records show Big 12 absorbed unsold Fiesta Bowl tickets for OU | CollegeFootballTalk
In fact, the Sooners netted just over $9,300 for the game, NCAA financial records show. The university, according to the Hartford Courant, failed to sell roughly 12,000 tickets. In all, the Big 12 absorbed nearly $2 million in unsold tickets, while Oklahoma took care of roughly $337,000.