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NCAA hands Jim Calhoun three-game suspension, no postseason ban

The NCAA ended the two-year long saga of Nate Miles' recruitment today, finding that Jim Calhoun failed to promote an atmosphere of compliance and to adequately monitor his program, and handed the Hall-of-Fame coach a three-game suspension for the start of next year's Big East schedule.

UConn's self-imposed two-year probation and two-year reductions of scholarships from 13 to 12 will both be extended. The probation will run for three years from today and the scholarship losses will continue through the 2012-13 season. There will be no postseason ban for the program.

The penalties themselves may not appear to carry too much weight, and you will certainly hear a lot of screaming from opposing fans about UConn being "slapped on the wrist," but they are incredibly embarrassing for the program and especially for Calhoun, who, with the university's backing, denied the charges against him.

We'll be back with more later.