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TheOpenThread: UConn football vs. Cincinnati, Arkansas vs. UConn basketball

I'm sorry I can't provide much of a preview today, law school remains a consistent presence in my life, which is usually rather grand, but becomes very troublesome when my professors decide I should have to take "exams." But, in short, here is what's at stake today:

The football team is travelling to Cincinnati for a shot at a .500 record and bowl eligibility. More importantly it'd leave me (and hopefully a lot of you) feeling pretty good about the first year of the Paul Pasqualoni era. Sure, there were disappointments along the way, but a win today means the Huskies will have won three of their last four regular season games and have a nice boost going forward.

As for basketball, the team has had a week off after escaping Florida St. in overtime and today they're taking on Arkansas in the Big East/SEC challenge. So far the Big East has been doing well, and hopefully UConn continues that trend. Worth noting: this is Arkansas head coach Mike Anderson's first year with the program. You'll remember him as the coach of the Missouri team that UConn played in the 2009 Elite 8. He calls his system the "fastest 40 minutes in basketball" and it involves lots of pressing and lots of running. The Huskies will almost certainly have to go small to counter it. Expect to see a lot of Shabazz Napier and Ryan Boatright playing together, but watch out late because fatigue could easily become an issue.

Football kicks off at noon, basketball tips at 3:30. Both games are on ESPN. I'll be in and out, but leave your thoughts in the comments. Go Huskies.