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TheRoundUp 12/23: Huskies Stag-ger to 79-71 win

UConn survives a scare in win over Fairfield -
UConn traveled down this same road in the Bahamas. Playing loose and free and easy, running up a big lead, and then came the swerving, the skidding, and the tension. "We got up by 20 points, and then we decided it was time to go home for Christmas," Jim Calhoun said.

The New Haven Register Blogs: UConn Men's Basketball Blog: Calhoun Goes on Christmas Break
Leave it to Jim Calhoun to sum up Ryan Boatright's night as follows: "He played awful tonight," Calhoun said. "He made a big play (but) he was awful tonight. It’s the first game that I would say, for a really good player, he was awful … he was part of the problem when he came in. He read the scoreboard and thought it was time for us just to go. And he hurt us a little bit. But being the kind of competitor he is, he makes a big shot to put the game away."

The Day - UConn men beat Fairfield in game of survival | News from southeastern Connecticut
Sophomore Shabazz Napier led the way with a game-high 24 points while Lamb had 18 points and freshman Andre Drummond added 16 points, nine rebounds, four steals and two blocks.

The New Haven Register Blogs: UConn Men's Basketball Blog: The Bradley, Drummond Conundrum
So why doesn’t this happen more often? Well, for one, most players don’t wait until a few days before the first day of classes to announce their commitment. Plus, think about it: how many top-notch players are going to come to a school and pay their way when they could get a free ride anywhere else in the country?

UConn's andre drummond did the right thing in foregoing scholarship -
"We gave you the information at the time which was correct," Calhoun said. "It was investigated by the NCAA. It took us 21/2 months to work it out. My first responsibility isn't to tell the press what's going on. Plus, it's none of your business. It's a private matter between two young men.

So far, so good for Stokes at UConn | TheGazette
Kiah Stokes is playing. She’s contributing. And she’s happy. "I love it there," Stokes said with a broad smile Thursday, referring to her new life as a member of the powerhouse University of Connecticut women’s basketball program. "I definitely made the right decision."