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Andre Drummond is paying his own way, making him the best walk-on of all time

Andre Drummond, who is paying his own way this year.
Andre Drummond, who is paying his own way this year.

When Andre Drummond committed to UConn in August, the big story was that to make room on the squad redshirt freshman Michael Bradley had to give up his scholarship. It turns out, things are a little more complicated than that. At the time of Drummond's commitment, it was believed that since UConn had recruited him, he had to go on scholarship, but as Gavin Keffe reported in The Day, UConn had the rule clarified and a recruited player is allowed to pay their own way as long as there is no institutional aid.

Drummond made the switch to walk-on in early November, allowing Bradley to go back on scholarship and taking some (presumably non-institutional) financial aid. It seems unlikely he'll have any issues paying off his loans since this time next year he should be cashing NBA paychecks.

Here are his comments on the matter, as reported in The Day:

"I'm thankful for what Mike was trying to do for me," Drummond said Tuesday. "I told Mike, 'Don't do that, man. I'll pay my way and take a scholarship next year. You don't have to give up a scholarship for me.'

"It was my decision. That's not fair to him. He worked hard to get that scholarship. I'm not going to take something from somebody that's not mine. It was my decision to come late."

This all is a wonderful story, but it confusing as to why this was all so unclear when Drummond first committed. I spent some time scrolling through the NCAA bylaws this morning trying to find some guidance, unsurprisingly, that was unsuccessful, though if we can figure out more I'll be sure to share.