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TheRoundUp 12/21: Get ready for Olanderfest 2011

Tyler Olander, seen here picking up Shabazz Napier, will face off against his brother Ryan tomorrow night at the XL center.
Tyler Olander, seen here picking up Shabazz Napier, will face off against his brother Ryan tomorrow night at the XL center.

College Basketball: When Fairfield And UConn Meet, It's Tyler Olander vs. Ryan Olander -
"Oh my God, I don't think they ever finished a game," Skip said. "When one got ahead by a little bit, there'd be a fight. We had to monitor games and break them up when we thought somebody might get hurt. It was very intense."

The Day - Olander brothers ready for first head-to-head meeting | News from southeastern Connecticut
The Olander brothers are key contributors for their respective teams. Tyler, a 6-foot-9 forward, is averaging 7.5 points and 6.4 rebounds. Ryan, a 7-foot center, averages 11.9 points and 4.1 rebounds.

UConn Coach Jim Calhoun Ready To Serve Suspension -
Calhoun has decided he will not travel to Tampa with the team for the game against South Florida on Dec. 28; he wants his replacement, most likely associate head coach George Blaney, to practice with the team in Florida. Calhoun plans to meet with his staff Wednesday to determine roles in his absence. Blaney has taken over during Calhoun's past absences, but Blaney missed Tuesday's practice because of a family issue.

Early-morning practices pay off for Lamb - GreenwichTime
During their evening visits to Gampel, which Blanco said occurred on a nightly basis a year ago and about five nights per week this season, they talk about pretty much everything. Their relationship, opening up a little more each day, is far from "Hey kid, get that ball for me." They play one-on-one -- "I'm about 0-500," Blanco jokes -- and, at times, they stay in the gym for as long as six hours.

Heather Buck Is Hoping For The Best -
Buck did not practice Tuesday and she will not play tonight against The College of Charleston. When the Huskies return home Thursday. UConn doctors with exam the wrist and determine what the extent of her injuries are.

UConn women's basketball: Mosqueda-Lewis Adjusting Well At UConn - Hartford Courant
"I am happy because I know she is happy," Sundy said. "I was talking to her the other day and I asked her if she was having fun and she said she was having so much fun, that she loved being [at UConn]. I knew it would be a good choice for her. She liked where the campus was, she liked its size, she liked the girls, the coaching staff and she loves her roommate. So it's all going good."