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Boatright being investigated for AAU issues, could miss three to six games

After a flurry of articles over the weekend we now have a clearer idea of what is going on with UConn freshman Ryan Boatright's eligibility. The NCAA is looking into whether Boatright -- who is being held out indefinitely while the investigation is ongoing -- received any improper benefits during his days as an AAU player, specifically in the form of a plane ticket that may or may not have been purchased by Reggie Rose, the brother of Chicago Bull Derrick Rose and coach of Boatright's AAU team. However, Rose hasn't been contacted during the investigation, which has gone on for about three weeks.

UConn, as an institution, does not appear to be implicated, here's the Chicago Tribune:

Another source familiar with the investigation, requesting anonymity, told the Hartford Courant the issue or issues were not related to UConn's recruiting of Boatright.

So that's good and it means the most important question for UConn is when Boatright will be able to return to the team. That all depends on the length of the investigation, but Kevin Duffy is reporting that when all is said and done, Boatright is expected to miss between three and six games. That wouldn't be the end of the world since UConn's early schedule is very soft, but if the suspension is on the high end it would keep Boatright out of most of the Battle 4 Atlantis tournament. With a six-game suspension the earliest he'd be eligible to return would be the last game of the tournament on November 26.