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UConn alum, noted safety-getter Dan Orlovsky to start for Colts Sunday

In 2008, Dan Orlovsky started seven games for a Lions team that went 0-16 and recorded one of the biggest NFL lowlights of all times, which you can see above. That track record might make Orlovsky the foremost expert on going winless in the NFL, but just to make sure the 0-11 Indianapolis Colts are now counting on the former UConn great(and I mean that seriously -- he was awesome here and I'd kill to have him back) to lead them from under center for the season's remaining five games.

His career numbers aren't great, but they aren't egregiously terrible either. He's got about a 56 percent career completion percentage and has an even TD to INT ratio. Here's hoping he scraps together a win for Colts and is able to get his name associated with more than one very, very bad safety.