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How to watch tonight's UConn game for free

Unfortunately tonight's preseason basketball game against AIC is not being broadcast on TV (neither is Sunday's). However, both are being shown online at If you're already a premium member of their HuskyVision Service ($9.99 per month, $79.95 for the year) then you're all set, watch the game at 7:30 and enjoy. If not you'll have to subscribe. Luckily, UConnHuskies is run through CBS' online service, which has a one-month free trial. All you have to do to activate it is go here to register. Once you've filled in your information you'll be taking to a second screen asking for a credit card number. There's an option to input a coupon on that screen, enter: FREEMONTH10 and your credit card information. This will sign you up for CBS' entire online network ($14.95 per month), but it will give you the first month free. If you decide you don't want to keep the service, just be sure to log in and cancel before 30 days are up. Until then, enjoy the UConn content.

(h/t to the good folks at The-Boneyard).