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It is happening again: TCU bolts for Big XII and the Big East is weaker than ever

Well, this isn't good. As any sports fan with an internet connection now knows, TCU, who never actually got around to joining the Big East, is leaving the conference at the altar and jumping into the arms of the Big XII. This is not a huge surprise, but its certainly not good news for UConn.

As I noted last night, Missouri's decision to explore its options might be the straw that breaks the Big East's back. The Big XII's move to poach TCU is a clearly to strengthen itself in the wake of the Mizzou decision. There are reports that Missouri might be open to staying in the Big XII, and if that is the case the league might be content to stay at 10 members. But don't count on it. Missouri is probably as good as gone and that means phones are ringing (or will be soon) in Louisville and Morgantown. We could be in for a wild few weeks ahead, and I doubt any of it is good for UConn.