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TheOpenThread: UConn (3-4, 1-1) at Pittsburgh (3-4, 1-1)

Based on the way the conference realignment picture is shaping up, tonight could be termed a trial run of dipping UConn's toes into the chlorine-less, cloudy pool that is Wednesday Night MACtion. The 3-4 Huskies travel to Pittsburgh tonight for what is theoretically a Big East football game, but what is in fact a test of sheer will between masters of derp.

UConn has played three full games against FBS opponents in which they have not scored an offensive touchdown (that's 3 out of 6, people). Pittsburgh beat an FCS team by six points, and failed to score an offensive point against a really mediocre Utah team in their last outing - a game that came a week after the Panthers scored 10 points in a blowout loss at Rutgers.

And to prove that Mother Nature is spiteful and wants to see us in agony, note: it's apparently raining like hell in Pittsburgh right now. First team to 10 wins! On the plus side, good things seem to happen to UConn in the rain.

Anyways, believe it or not, this is actually an important game for Coach P's motley crew. A win brings UConn to 4-4, keeps bowl hopes very much alive, and with three straight home games coming up in November against Syracuse, Cincinnati and Rutgers, there's even a chance that UConn could win the oh my god let's not go there because that would be the biggest travesty in sports history.

So let's all have a good Wednesday night time here in the Open Thread, enjoy the game, and start imagining what Andre Drummond will look like dunking on Ivy Leaguers.

Let's go Huskies.