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TheRoundUp 10/25: You probably don't care much since the WVU news is coming in the next post

Journal Inquirer > Sports > UConn football: Huskies find a middle man
The coaching staff got together and called in freshman Yawin Smallwood for a talk. "We didn’t have any other options," UConn coach Paul Pasqualoni said. "He had the size. The first consideration was we felt he could physically fit the requirements. We had no idea whether he would be comfortable or productive there."

UConn Defensive Coach Don Brown's New System Is Working - Hartford Courant
Let's look at the arguments surrounding the Huskies' new system that features an aggressive defense. Most statistics confirm it's working, only a couple suggest it isn't. But the biggest stat, the one that says the UConn is D is No. 38 in the nation, is somewhat impressive, especially when you figure they had two games when quarterbacks passed for more than 450 yards against them.

Monday Notes - An injury and lineup changes
The loss of Hendricks was eased some by the return of Todd Thomas (knee) and Graham confirmed today Thomas will play.

Chris Dailey Explains How UConn Recruits -
The news last week that senior forward Xylina McDaniel, South Carolina's Gatorade player of the year, would not attend UConn closed the book on the Huskies' 2012 recruiting class.