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USA Today picks UConn third in Big East, forgets Jeremy Lamb is a thing

Jeremy Lamb, above it all.
Jeremy Lamb, above it all.

The fine folks over at Card Chronicle got their hands on USA Today's college basketball preview, and the paper has UConn in the No. 3 spot behind Syracuse and Pittsburgh. The full rankings are:

1. Syracuse
2. Pittsburgh
3. UConn.
4. Louisville
5. Marquette
6. Villanova
7. Cincinnati
8. Notre Dame
9. Georgetown
10. West Virginia
11. St. John's
12. Rutgers
13. Seton Hall
14. South Florida
15. Providence
16. DePaul

I won't quibble with ranking the Huskies third, I think the talent is certainly there for UConn to win the league, but there are real questions about this team and how they'll respond after losing Kemba Walker. What I will quibble with is the paper's preseason first and second teams, which don't figure a single Husky. They are:

First Team
Ashton Gibbs, Pittsburgh (League POY)
Darius Johnson-Odom, Marquette
Tim Abromaitis, Notre Dame
Kris Joseph, Syracuse
Kevin Jones, West Virginia

Second Team
Scoop Jardine, Syracuse
Jason Clark, Georgetown
Cleveland Melvin, DePaul
Herb Pope, Seton Hall
Augustus Gilchrist, South Florida

Notice anyone missing? Like you know, Jeremy Lamb? I don't have a problem with Gibbs as the POY, and I wouldn't even object to Lamb being a second teamer, but he has to make one of these lists, especially ahead of a headcase like Scoop Jardine.