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*Sigh*, I suppose we'll have an OpenThread: Western Michigan Broncos vs. UConn Huskies

I haven't been this unexcited about a UConn game since Nov. 11, 2006. Then, like now, I had a very clear feeling that watching UConn football was a chore, something I felt I had to do instead of wanted to do. I was so sick of that team in early November that year that I decided to skip the game and hang out on campus instead. I watched part of it but turned it off when UConn was well on their way to being blown out in the third quarter, only to turn it back on after receiving several frantic texts an hour later. I saw this:

So yeah, poor decision to skip that game, but at least it served as a reminder that no matter how down I was on a team something special could always happen. Still, I don't expect anything special to happen today.

UConn's playing Western Michigan, their second MAC opponent in a row, and it seems entirely possible that the Huskies could lose, and if some predictions are to be believed, lose big. Even an exciting finish wouldn't be exciting because.... you know... it's a MAC team. The only big news of the day so far is that DJ Shoemate won't dress and will be applying for a medical redshirt, and I can't find a single thing to get me excited. I'll still watch, and maybe the team will give me a reason to cheer. Please join me in the comments, so we can at least be miserable together.

The one bit of good news? Today is October 1st, which means the Husky run is 12 days away, First Night is two weeks from today and I'm that much closer to forgetting that football exists. For now.