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TheRoundUp 1/31: Moving on from Burton, Louisville

The Day - Defensive attention is putting added pressure on Walker | News from southeastern Connecticut
Opposing teams are making it a mission to harass Walker all over the court. He can't go for a drink of water without two defenders ready to knock the cup out of his hand.

UConn Found Louisville To Be A Tough Matchup - Hartford Courant
Some losses are more frustrating than others. Consider this one maddening. There's no shame in falling to a Top 25 Big East opponent, but there is great frustration when the loss is built on fundamentals being so disrupted by an opponent. No. 23 Louisville (17-4, 6-2 Big East) adjusted to the demands of the game. The No. 5 Huskies (17-3, 5-3) did not.

After Burton, Hathaway In Position To Tackle Bigger Issues -
But the Burton fiasco must end with that one brick. It is all the other bricks that have been laid over the years that Hathaway must systematically take down to continue as an effective athletic director at Storrs. There are issues of communication. There are issues of micromanagement. And, most important, there are issues about donorship. Taken in total there is reason for some clear-headed reassessment.

UConn Probably Has No 2nd Thoughts in Booster Feud - William C. Rhoden -
The folks at the University of Connecticut can talk about ethics, but they let that horse out the barn in 1998 when they embraced football and moved up to Division I. If they want to be competitive, they had better ask Burton to bring his ball — and his millions — back to Storrs.

Some Players Find They Can't Handle Being Part Of UConn Women's Basketball - Hartford Courant
"It's not that other schools don't expect to win, but here [at UConn] we have to win a national championship," Auriemma said. "Those demands can only be handled by players whose makeup is such that they are not overwhelmed by the amount of work and preparation that is necessary."

UConn coach prepares for first signing class -
He will discuss the recruiting class on Wednesday, national signing day, at a public event in the XL Center's exhibition hall. UConn officials say they are holding the announcement in the Hartford arena so that fans going to that night's men's basketball game between UConn and Syracuse can attend.