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Statistics prove Syracuse can't match the intellectual firepower of UConn


Google is a wonderful tool, don't you think? The fine folks who run it seem to be able to do just about anything. Well, anything except find a way for Syracuse to actually win a basketball game because that would violate their "Don't be evil" motto.

One of the newer features Google has come out with is a handy little tool that will measure the results of a given search term and calculate the reading level of the returned sites. On a whim I decided to plug in the university websites for both Syracuse and UConn. Here's what I found:



You can draw your own conclusions from that data, but to me it seems clear: while Syracuse wallows in its own mediocrity while UConn pushes on toward the cutting edge of education. 

To be fair, UConn's basic score of eight percent is four points higher than Syracuse's, but I assume that the extra basic-level language is only there in case some Syracuse fans accidentally stumble onto UConn's website.