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The Chipotle Challenge Meals one and two


Welcome back to Syracuse Hate Week and our newest feature, The Chipotle Challenge. First up is the delicious chicken burrito you see above you. This is a pretty standard recipe for me -- chicken, black beans, rice, sour cream, cheese and medium salsa. Delicious.

Below you'll see my lunch for today. A steak burrito bol. Black beans, cheese, sour cream and rice like before, but this time with the medium salsa swapped out for a combination of pico de gallo and hot salsa. Why the heat? It's what I imagine Otto's tears must taste like.


This seems like a good time to mention a wrinkle to the Chipotle Challenge. Yesterday, I challenged you to have a burrito in celebration of the wonderful curse on Syracuse. He's the wrinkle: if you play varsity basketball for Syracuse University, I will buy you a burrito this week. That's right Scoop Jardine, Rick Jackson, Kris Joseph, anyone on the team, just get in touch with me, I'll fax an order into the Syracuse Chipotle, call them up, and pay over the phone. Sure, this might violate some NCAA rules, but frankly I'm okay with that. And hell, we might even get away from it. I'm the furthest thing from a Syracuse Booster after all.