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Jeff Hathaway's statement on Edsall, coaching search

Presented without comment, the just-released statement from UConn's AD:

"The University of Connecticut is proud of the success we have enjoyed in our football program, both academically and athletically, during Randy Edsall's tenure. Under his leadership, UConn made the quickest transition of any school which left the NCAA Football Championship Subdivision and then played in a Bowl Championship Series game. I extend my thanks as well as the appreciation of the institution to Randy and his family for their contributions to our football program and the entire university community.

"Our University is an outstanding academic institution and the Division of Athletics continues to achieve tremendous success. Our football team has appeared in four consecutive bowl games, and five overall since 2004, including our first-ever BCS bowl appearance on January 1. UConn has among the finest football facilities in the country in the The Burton Family Football Complex and the Mark R. Shenkman Training Center. Renstchler Field has developed into a great home environment and our loyal supporters have filled the stadium to 96% of capacity since it opened in 2003. The program has a proven record of academic achievement and has also provided a foundation for student-athletes to advance to the professional ranks. Our entire university community, including our assistant coaches and staff members, have committed themselves to building this great football program.

"We will hire the coach who can best lead and continue to enhance this football program into the future. That individual will be dedicated to excellence in the classroom, on the football field, and in the community --- and also dedicated to the many constituents who support our University and its athletics program. We are committed to continuing the winning tradition which defines UConn Athletics and will move as expeditiously as possible to identify the individual who reflects the ideals of our institution."