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TheRoundUp 1/28: Burton, baseball and Kemba's POY race

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Pickens understands UConn donor's anger -
"You always have time for people who are putting up the money. That just makes all the sense in the world," T. Boone Pickens said Thursday, one uber-booster speaking on behalf of another. "You can't ignore those people. I mean, they've paid their money, and they're entitled to be informed."

Ivan Maisel "uncovers" UConn Huskies booster Robert G. Burton Sr.'s lost letters - ESPN
Dear Coach Rockne, After all I have done for Notre Dame, I cannot believe that you asked the team to "Win One for the Gipper" last week without running it by me first.

UConn ranked 9th in Baseball America’s poll - Norwich, CT - Norwich Bulletin
This is the highest the Huskies have been ranked in any of this year’s preseason polls. They are 14th, according to College Baseball Lineup; the No. 16 in the Collegiate Baseball Poll and 22nd in the USA Today/ESPN Coaches poll.

UConn-Bound Guard Ryan Boatright Suspended - UCONN | Men's Basketball
UConn-bound point guard Ryan Boatright of East Aurora High in Illinois has been suspended for at least one game -- maybe a little longer -- for what coach Wendell Jeffries told Chicago-area media outlets was a violation of team rules.

Walker, Fredette Both Making Cases For Player Of The Year - Hartford Courant
Kemba and Jimmer. The names are fun enough to toss around. And so is the player of the year debate. Ohio State freshman Jared Sullinger is in the discussion, too, but as February approaches the focus is mostly on two guards from the state of New York. Polling by various outlets shows that voting is essentially split.

Starting Five: Player of the Year competition is about … the competition - NCAA Basketball - Sporting News
The difference to this point is that Walker consistently has delivered against elite opposition. UConn has played nine games against the RPI top 50 and won seven. Walker averaged 24.7 points in those games, and the opposition has included Pitt, Kentucky and Notre Dame. Ridiculous.