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TheRoundUp 1/26: Well-done Lamb

Jeremy Lamb scores 24 points to lead UConn over Marquette
But in what seemed like an instant, UConn turned things in their favor for good. The fifth-ranked Huskies scored 13 unanswered points to erase a late five-point deficit and hung on to defeat the unranked Golden Eagles, 76-68, at the Bradley Center.

UConn Men's Extra Notes From Game At Marquette -
UConn's most efficient scorer of late has been freshman Jeremy Lamb, who had a career-high 24 points. He is the first player other than Kemba Walker to reach 20 points in a game, and the only player other than Walker to lead the team in scoring. Lamb is 27-for-45 from the field in the past four games.

Another Calhoun Milestone -
The fifth-ranked Huskies' game against the unranked Golden Eagles was the 1,200th of Calhoun's 39-year career. He has coached more games than any active Division I coach. "It's a lot of games," said Calhoun, whose record is 840-360. "It's a lot of times to hear those whistles, a lot of times to look at [referee] Jimmy Burr's face. There are just a lot of things you think about — all the buildings you've gone into, all the shootarounds, all the nervous energy before a game. That's a ton."

No. 5/5 UConn 76, Marquette 68 - Anonymous Eagle
Somehow, we didn't realize that double- and triple-teaming Kemba Walker at every turn would lead to wide open looks under the basket for UConn's bigs. And the policy of doubling on every paint touch again proved disastrous tonight, as the Huskies simply dumped the ball into the waiting arms of the help-side player.

UConn Booster Robert Burton Rips AD Jeff Hathaway -
Yet the larger, immediate point is this: If Hathaway's position is in any jeopardy it must never be because of the threats and ranting of some rich guy who didn't get his way. Burton claimed what Hathaway has done to him is a slap in the face and an embarrassment to his family. No, Bob, what you did is a slap in the face and an embarrassment to a university family you believe you back so well.

UConn booster, take a seat -
However this plays out, Burton comes across as a bully. And if I’m the other donors to the UConn football program, do I want to be associated with this guy? What needs to happen here is for UConn to solicit some new donors, and for the current donors — assuming they believe in Hathway’s stewardship — to step up to the plate with fresh money.

The Day - Dolson making strides for UConn women | News from southeastern Connecticut
"I thought starting the second half (last) Monday at Carolina and she carried it through the whole week," Auriemma said of Dolson. "She's gotten a little bit better every day. She's gotten a little bit better at the things she needed to get better at. Right now, going to this week and next week and the week after that, it's even more important that she continue to improve."

UConn-Rutgers Rivalry Somewhat Rekindled -
"The glow will always be there with Rutgers," said UConn coach Geno Auriemma. "It's not the same as it was a few years ago; things change. We were playing them twice a year [in the regular season] and that made it much more competitive.