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I'm off to Storrs, where should I eat, drink and be merry?

As you know, we've teamed up with Volvo this year as part of their Biggest Fan of the Big East promotion. Back in October they sent me to New York to cover Big East Media Day and this weekend they're sending Meacham and I back to Storrs to hang out, check out tomorrow's game and revisit the best that UConn has to offer. That last part is where I'm looking for your help: what should I check out?

First and foremost, we'll be at the game tomorrow afternoon and we need a place in Hartford to go to afterward. A few years ago this would have been a no-brainer and I'd be headed to Coach's, but as far as I know, Coach's is now closed. So what's the best place to go in Hartford? I should note that whatever we wind up going with is going to be the official TheUConnBlogPostGameBar and thanks to Volvo's largesse I'll buy a beer for the first five readers who find me there.

That'll cover us for Hartford though, because most of my time is going to be in bucolic Storrs. I'm basically looking at two dinners and a lunch, so where should I be spending eating? Wings over Storrs? Sgt. Peps? Wooster St.? Is the new burger place any good? Anyone want to throw in a dark-horse vote for Sara's Pockets? These are the questions I need answered.

I also need to know where to drink. Let's be honest, there aren't a ton of options, we're basically looking at Ted's, Huskies and Thirsty Dog (plus Sports Bar if I'm feeling adventurous), but I want to know your pick.

Thoughts everyone?