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TheRoundUp 1/11: Rutgers apathy day

UConn-Rutgers: The Huskies Need Same Approach - UCONN | Men's Basketball
Admit it. You're not as excited to see the No. 10 Huskies face Rutgers Tuesday at the XL Center. It's kind of blah game considering the four-game stretch that has just passed. That's understandable for a fan. But that's exactly the approach UConn is trying to avoid.

Off big victory, UConn men back in conference play - GreenwichTime
Tonight's game against Rutgers at the XL Center may at first glance seem like an easy opportunity for UConn to get back on track in Big East play, but coach Jim Calhoun has already cautioned his team about such beliefs.

Rutgers faces challenge in containing UConn's Kemba Walker |
At Rutgers, Rice is confident in his team no matter the opposition, but figuring out a way to bottle up the Connecticut guard, especially away from the RAC, is a different story.

UConn Nearing The Midway Point - UCONN | Men's Basketball
"We've been a little erratic, but we are 12-2," coach Jim Calhoun said. "I looked at our power rating, somewhere around 6-7, whatever it was. We've played a lot of good people. Tomorrow is our halfway point [vs. Rutgers]. I try to do that with teams to see what our progress is. One of the things I notice is that 12 of our next 16 games are against teams that are in the top 100, but actually most are in the top 50. So we have a lot of work to do and Rutgers becomes a very, very important game.

Revisiting Roscoe Smith's awesome heave - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
Hey, Shabazz is right: It was just a mistake. One of the biggest, funniest, silliest mistakes in any remotely big game in recent college basketball history. In other words, thank you, Roscoe. Without hurting your team, you made a tremendous game for viewers even more so, you inadvertently helped cause overtime, which gave us Kemba Walker's amazing game-winner, and you completed a 90-foot pass to a Texas cheerleader's big white bullhorn. That's win-win-win, with an emphasis on "win."

After the jump we have an update on the football coach search and Geno gets metaphor happy.

Penn State's Bradley reportedly in consideration for UConn coaching job | Philadelphia Daily News | 01/11/2011
Bradley's primary competition for the UConn job, according to published reports, is Garrick McGee, the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Arkansas, which is coming off a BCS berth, a 31-26 Sugar Bowl loss to Ohio State.

UConn Women Need More Production From Heather Buck - Hartford Courant
To help make his point about the current quandary of sophomore center Heather Buck, Geno Auriemma passed along a riddle his doctor once told him, even though he considers this no joking matter. "How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb?" Auriemma said. "One — but the light bulb needs to want to change."

Auriemma finds himself teaching again -
Connecticut's Geno Auriemma says coaching his young Huskies has been a lot like training a puppy. He says it might become fun once they learn a little bit more.