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Lutrus Watch: The re-beginning has begun

It's time to break out the swishy pants.
It's time to break out the swishy pants.

Day 5 at ground zero, and the word is vague as all hell.

But at least this time, unlike the p ast two, it appears the status of Scott Lutrus, the admiral of ass-kicking, is a bit more definitive. 

After ducking behind the impenetrable force field that is the Big East's new, moderately-useful injury report, Randy Edsall finally turned over his cards, and the results are not good. Lutrus, more powerful and dangerous than a locomotive with a background in hand-to-ass-whooping combat and injected with HGH (Human GETTHEHELLOUTTAMYWAY hormones), is officially "out" for Saturday's showdown with Texas Southern with an "upper extremity" injury.

While that could mean that Lutrus is merely replacing one of his cybernetic arms, or perhaps suffering from a case of the snifflies, it probably has something to do with another shoulder stinger, which is what plagued the linebacker most of last season.