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TheRoundUp 9/8: Get inside and stay till the end

Jeff Jacobs column: UConn QB Frazer In A Touchy Spot -
Yes, there were drops. Yes, especially in the early going, Frazer was under duress. But there also was bad touch on a number of passes. Some were too high. Some were too low. Some were behind receivers. And some were just too dang hard.

UConn Football's Kendall Reyes Says Huskies Weren't Focused Against Michigan -
"We didn't have the best week of practice that we could have had last week," Reyes said. "People just thought we were going to come out and win this game. You can't do that in college anymore. That's how we beat people in other years; because we worked harder and prepared harder"

Tuesday with Randy – Week 2 - UConn's new injury policy
"To protect the student-athlete, we are going to use five different body parts to describe it," Edsall said. "Not going to get specific with the injury due to the privacy of the student-athlete." The five parts: leg, arm, upper extremities, torso and head. That’s a UConn decision, not a Big East mandate.

The Day - It's only UConn's first game; so let's relax
There's just no need to be Gloomy Gus at this point. Nothing's really happened, except they lost a road game to a desperate program before 113,000 people.

Randy Edsall To UConn Fans: Get Inside Rentschler And Stay Inside - UConn Huskies Football Blog | Hartford Courant | Desmond Conner
"If you want to support your teams, that's what you do, you get into the stadium early and you stay until the end, win, lose or draw," he said.

Lots of good stuff today. Hit the jump.

Big East mailbag: Dissecting Week 1 - Big East Blog - ESPN
I think the one thing Rodriguez has exploited is the Huskies' lack of elite speed on defense, and having a powerful Big Ten offensive line did expose Randy Edsall's lack of size on the defensive front. All that said, I expected Michigan to score. My prediction for the game was 31-28 for UConn, and Michigan scored 30. I was really disappointed in the Connecticut offense, which sputtered away far too many opportunities against a defense that should have been ripe for the picking.

West Virginia is Big East's lone ranked team - Big East Blog - ESPN
Big drop for Pittsburgh, especially since Utah rose to 17th.

UConn Soccer wins 6-0
For the second consecutive game, freshman Mamadou Doudou Diouf scored two goals to lead No. 6/10 UConn over Manhattan 6-0 on Tuesday night at Morrone Stadium. With the win, UConn improves 3-0-0 on the year, while Manhattan drops to 0-2-0 to begin the 2010 regular season.

Kansas athletic director Lew Perkins resigns - CFB News - FOX Sports on MSN
The embattled Perkins was UConn's former AD.

Oh, and there's this: Turkish Team Says It Paid a Top Kentucky Recruit -
The best recruit in Kentucky’s top-ranked recruiting class, the Turkish center Enes Kanter, received more than $100,000 in cash and benefits over three years, according to the team’s general manager.