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Rivals releases top 15 for class of 2013

Rivals released their Top 15 basketball prospects for the class of 2013, because hey, it is never too early to talk about basketball recruits, right? Well, not really. For example, if you wanted a time when it would be wrong to talk about the class of 2013 a perfect example would be September 2010, when the players are just a few weeks into their sophomore year of high school. But I digress.

I mention this to point out that the fifth-ranked player in the class, Kuran Iverson, is from Hartford and goes to Northwest Catholic, and the sixth-ranked player, Nerlens Noel, currently attends the Tilton School in New Hampshire, which is the same school current Huskies Alex Oriakhi and Jamal Coombs-McDaniel attended. Not for nothing, but Noel's rivals page currently lists UConn as one of six schools he is interested in.

Again, all this is mind-bogglingly early, and who knows where UConn basketball will be in 2013 (besides looking to go for a three-peat after national titles in 2011 and 2012), but it is still something to note.