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Lutrus Watch: The re-beginning?

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The results obviously were not too good.

The aftermath, however, may be even worse.

Just a season removed from tracking the swishiness of Scott Lutrus' pantaloons, the great Lutrus Watch of 2010 has begun. ... Maybe.

Lutrus, who battled through stingers most of last season, left Saturday's loss to Michigan with what appeared to be an injury. But no one can say for sure, because Randy Edsall ain't talkin'.

Local reporters asked the UConn head coach about Lutrus' status during Sunday's weekly conference call, but Edsall went all "no comment" on them, instead choosing to hide behind the Big East's new injury report, which will be released on Monday.

"I've got no comment on anything about injuries on anybody," Edsall said, responding to a question asked by Neill Ostrout of the Connecticut Post. "Not Scott or anybody. Monday they'll have the Big East [report], and on Thursday we'll have the update on what the situation is for the game."

Well, OK then.

When the injury report was first announced, it seemed as though Edsall had possibly come around from his days of juking the stats, so to speak, on the media.

But now it's clear now that that's certainly not the case. Instead, Edsall appears poised to use the conference's injury report as a force field to deflect all unwelcome inquiries into his top-secret doctor's notes; not only did the coach delay dropping the hammer on everyone about the return of middle linebacker Greg Lloyd, but now it seems he will never discuss another injury for the rest of the season.

Which would be fine, if the conference dealt out any penalties at all for false reports. Or if it was, y'know, accurate, as The Courant's Zac Boyer points out:

But that's not the end-all, be-all of the report. Just last week, for example, South Florida coach Skip Holtz didn't turn in any players for Monday's list, and Big East associate commissioner for communications said on the weekly coaches' conference call that USF "had no players on the injury list."

Holtz laughed, then said, "We do have three. They're not new, just old lingering injuries, and they will be back at some point in time during the season: A.J. Love and Sterling Griffin, and Mark Popek, an offensive lineman, are the three right now that look like they will be out for this game."