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Hey look, we're two years old

Man, I never thought I'd be writing that sentence. In fact, we're even older than that. If you want to go by our "open for business" test post, we started on Sept. 11, 2008. Our first real story -- which, naturally, was about U.S. News and World Report -- went live five days days later, starting our proud tradition of being silent for several days at a time. Fun side note about that U.S. News story: I was apparently the only person that noticed it, but the Daily Campus wound up covering it like five days later, and the Courant ripped them off after that. All of which proved to me, "Hey, at least one of my three readers is from the DC." That came in handy later on.

So yeah, that is that, and yes, we did overlook the birthday for a few weeks. Hey, we were busy, what with all the complaining about Zach Frazer (sorry Zach, that's probably my last dig. Probably.).

Anyway, I haven't told TheCreationStory in a while, so here is the short version. Fall of 2008. Heady times indeed. I'm hanging around, looking for something to do during my senior year and kicking the idea for the site around with some friends. Eventually, I get bored enough to actually buy a domain and start blathering on, and shortly thereafter, I convinced Meacham and Justin to sign on with me and now we're here. And really, this is where I want to be. I honestly can't believe this has become what it is. I started out begging friends to read this and it has grown ever since (coolest moment: meeting a reader at the Kentucky Derby -- hey there, Derbyguy). We're digging our still-new digs over at SBNation, and the amount of visitors we get seems to grow every month. So thanks for stopping by, we're happy you're here. We really are.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for a great two years. Enjoy your stay.