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TheRoundUp 9/24: Did you know Jordan Todman is injured?

Because he is. He's not going to play Saturday. I know this because that is the only thing every newspaper in the state wrote about. I'd write about the same thing, I suppose, but it would make TheRoundUp boring to just have 10 versions of the same tale. So instead, I'll share the one other link I could find and also point out that I may have been way off on UConn's chances this year, but at least I didn't pick Pitt to win the Big East.

Anyway, here is your one story:

Jeff Quinn Takes Challenge Of Coaching Buffalo Bulls -
There's only 120 of these I-A jobs in the country, and when you get an opportunity to get an offer to take a job as a head coach, I've always wanted to have that opportunity," Quinn said. "When Buffalo came in and said, 'Hey, Coach Quinn, we want you to be our head coach,' it didn't take me very long to respond and accept that challenge.