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UConn basketball's 2010-11 schedule released

Both the men and women's basketball teams have released their schedules for the 2010-11 seasons. You can find the men's here, and the women's here. The men's schedule is a disgrace as usual.

This is usually the part where I'd bitch and moan about the asinine, greedy scheduling of the athletic department, but I've ranted enough about UConn sports today. Here's the thing though. The men are a demonstrably better team when they play at Gampel Pavilion. No one argues with this, but once again, the athletic department is ceaseless in its chase for money so it have moved several key games away from Gampel and into the morgue XL Center in Hartford. Of the Huskies three biggest Big East matchups (Syracuse, Georgetown and Villanova), only one, against 'Nova, is in Gampel. The Huskies biggest home out of conference matchup, against Tennessee, is also in Hartford. Overall, the men are playing eight times in Gampel and 11 in Hartford. It is worth noting that the women's team will only play in Hartford six times while they'll have 11 dates in Gampel.

I get why the athletic department does this -- money. But its not like this is 1999 anymore. UConn's schedule is loaded with cupcakes and tickets are expensive (especially considering the fact that if you want decent season tickets you're going to need to fork over a lot to the athletic department in the form of ransom a donation to the UConn club). The result of that? UConn doesn't sell out every game anymore. I'd bet they won't sell out more than six of the Gampel games. The extra few thousand dollars UConn gets can't be worth the terrible atmosphere of playing in Hartford. It is an embarrassment and UConn should be ashamed, but like I said, I'm a little too tired of UConn to bitch much more today. Feel free to have at it in the comments though.