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ESPN announces Big Monday schedule, obviously doesn't want to put UConn on TV

The unbearably slow* trickle of news about UConn's men's basketball schedule continued today, as ESPN and the Big East announced the Big Monday schedule for the year. UConn will appear twice, but their games are arranged in such a way that  clearly ESPN wants nothing to do with putting this UConn team on national television. 

First up is a Dec. 27 matchup at Pittsburgh that will be shown on ESPN2 instead of ESPN because it conflicts with Monday Night Football. The game also starts at 8:30 p.m. instead of the usual 7 p.m. for some reason (I suppose there is probably a bowl game beforehand.)

Even worse though is UConn's second matchup, a Jan. 17 matchup with Villanova that is being played at 3:30 in the afternoon because apparently President's Day is a big enough holiday to merit a Big Monday doubleheader. Oh, and classes don't start at UConn until the 18th, so that will almost certainly depress student attendance for a significant home game. Awesome.

You can see the full Big Monday lineup here.

*Seriously, we're past the half-way point in September. Get that thing out already so I can complain about how all the meaningful games are in Hartford instead of Storrs.