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TheRoundUp 9/14: Prepping for Temple and studying abroad

Edsall, UConn Expecting To Get Temple's Very Best - UConn Huskies Football Blog | Hartford Courant | Desmond Conner
"We're expecting to get their best game, and we know that," Edsall said. "The last two times - it's an overtime game and the one previous to that was a last play of the game situation. Our guys know that Temple is a tough football team and they'll get after you and play physical."

Journal Inquirer > Silver: Todman running in elite company
Terry Caulley, Cornell Brockington, Donald Brown and Andre Dixon all had their moments running at UConn, and in 2010 it’s Todman’s turn to see what kind of numbers he can put up as the featured back.

Blog debate: ACC, Big East race to bottom - Big East Blog - ESPN
The ACC flopped on the big stage last weekend, while the Big East has yet to win any high-profile matchups. So which league is hurting more?

For three weeks, UConn's Moore forced to study abroad
As the only college student in the USA Basketball player pool, UConn senior Maya Moore will have more to think about the next three weeks than helping her team win the world championships.