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UConn 62, Texas Southern 3: Todman 3:16 means I just scored on an inside draw

(Photo: Hartford Courant)
(Photo: Hartford Courant)

Hooray, optimism!

As expected, the Huskies had their way with visiting Texas Southern, scoring seven consecutive touchdowns at one point en route to a 62-3 difficult-to-watch beatdown in East Hartford.

Having the honor to witness this barnburner all up-close-and-personal like, it was clear the Tigers were outclassed before a single snap -- their offensive linemen were as big as UConn's tight ends, and their tight ends were as, uh, rotund as their offensive linemen. Even the Huskies' mascot was on another level, as Jonathan -- now with pants! -- looked like a bastion of intimidation compared to the two tigers Texas Southern toted to Rentschler Field, one of which sporting what appeared to be a stylish leather vest.

As for the actual game action: Not sure how much you can ween out of a game in which Jordan Todman -- who is whom I'd pumped him up to be pre-season -- surpassed the 100-yard mark on his sixth carry of the game and less than halfway through the first quarter.

Still, the Tigers proved to be just what UConn needed coming off a less-than-stellar season opener last week at the Big House: A punching bag for which to take out all of its aggression. 

Plus, as of writing this, the rocket ship that is Denard Robinson is going all Pat White on Notre Dame. So once again, things are looking up for the future Orange Bowl champions.