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UConn Huskies vs. Texas Southern Tigers football preview

Regular readers will know that Kevin Meacham usually takes care of preview duties for the site. However, I was talking to him tonight and we both agreed that neither of us have the inclination to actually preview tomorrow's sacrifice game against Texas Southern. So we wound up playing a modified version of "Name That Tune" to decide who could write the preview in the fewest words. I won with four:

We're going to win.

That's it folks. If you want more, check out Meacham's take on TS from our attempt at a preview month (even in early August we couldn't take it seriously). 

The point is, UConn is going to win, and win big. Perhaps the most valuable thing to come from the game will be a chance to see if Zach Frazer improves on his accuracy and the receiving corps has learned to catch in the last week.

We'll still have TheOpenThread up tomorrow, and I invite you to participate. I'll be here, and man will I look stupid if the game is anything close to competitive.