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TheRoundUp 9/10: The week we lost confidence

I'd like to kick off today's RoundUp by discussing the Husky Fan Confidence poll we host here every week. You can see it at the top of the left-sidebar of the home page (or at the bottom of this post). For the uninitiated, every week we take a poll where you state your confidence in the Huskies on a scale from 0 to 100, which is then averaged with other fans and graphed out over time. Anyway, heading into the Michigan game, UConn was soaring high with a confidence score of 70. Today? 35. Is it really that bad UConn fans? Are you that disillusioned? Let me know in the comments. Anyway, on to TheRoundUp.

UConn Football Team Has To Improve It's Play On Third Down -
The Wolverines had a 73.7 percent success rate on third down, a problem down for the Huskies since last year's North Carolina loss in Week 2.

What to watch in the Big East, Week 2 - Big East Blog - ESPN
One thing we can find out is if Zach Frazer and the passing game have improved their timing.

Talks Involving SNY, Cable Companies Continue On Carrying UConn Football -
About 180,000 cable subscribers in Connecticut are still without SNY, UConn's new partner for football and men's basketball.

Big East predictions: Week 2 - Big East Blog - ESPN
Connecticut 38, Texas Southern 7: UConn lost to Michigan last week. Texas Southern lost to Prairie View. Huskies in a rout.