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TheRoundUp 8/6: Calhoun's APR below average

Coaches APR Released: Five Of Six UConn Coaches Above Average In Academic Performance Study For 2008-09 -

UConn men's basketball coach Jim Calhoun scored 844 in the 2008-09 academic year, below the D-I average of 940. Of the six UConn coaches rated, Calhoun is the only one to place below the average in his respective sport.


The Associated Press: NCAA gives basketball coaches good grades
Well, this is a bit troubling (also, not necessarily a trend).

But Connecticut's Jim Calhoun, whose program is under NCAA investigation, had an 844 and 909 after scoring 981, 978, 889 and 941 the previous four years. Tim Floyd, Southern Cal's coach during the O.J. Mayo scandal, had a 949 in 2007-08, the year Mayo played in Los Angeles. The year before, Floyd's score was 804.

Former Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson, who left Indiana amid a major NCAA scandal, had only two scores topping 900 on the books. His low, 811, came in his final season with the Hoosiers. Twenty-four of the 25 teams in this year's final AP Top 25 football poll also topped 925. The exception: Brigham Young, whose coach Bronco Mendenhall had a 910. 

NCAAF : Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports Blog
Can't believe I just realized it's Big East Week over at the Doc's place. Must read now. Must read now.

Journal Inquirer > Archives > Sports > UConn men: Another phase for Moore
Ricky Moore to begin career as Dartmouth assistant.

UConn Football, Men's Basketball Team With SNY -
Full story from yesterday's presser.

University of Connecticut Official Athletics Site - Football
Check out the photo gallery linked to this story announcing the SNY deal. What's Kevin Ollie doing there? Looks like the program's trying to get him as much exposure as possible.

Donald Thomas adjusting to life on the left - Sun Sentinel
Former UConn offensive lineman Donald Thomas making the switch from right to left guard for the Dolphins this season.

From The In Case You Were Wondering Dept. (Lindsey Witten) - UConn Huskies Football Blog | Hartford Courant | Desmond Conner
Lindsey Witten the latest former Husky to join the UFL powerhouse forming in Hartford.