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Preseason coaches' poll released, UConn also receiving votes

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USA Today has released its preseason coaches' poll for 2010, and despite the fact that UConn is not ranked. UConn did receive some votes though, which would have been good for 33rd place if the poll went beyond the top 25 teams. UConn received a total of 40 points from voters (the lowest amount of points in the Top-25 was 169).

Alabama was an overwhelming No. 1, grabbing 55 first place votes, with Ohio St. picking up the remaining four.

The highest ranked Big East team was Pittsburgh, which came in at No. 15. West Virginia followed, tying Utah for 24th. Cincinnati was the first team in the others receiving votes category, grabbing 135 points.

South Florida was the only other Big East team to get recognition, picking up a grand total of four points.

Michigan, UConn's opening week opponent, did not receive any votes.