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Start spreading the news: UConn to announce partnership with SNY

UConn is officially New York's team. (Just don't tell SB Nation Boston.)

The university announced in a press release earlier today that it will hold a press conference Thursday -- in other words, an announcement about an announcement -- to unveil a new "partnership" between it and SNY (SportsNet New York), the New York-based sports cable network.

Although the release was scant on further details, it's a pretty clear sign that Huskies football, in some form or another, will be broadcast on the network in the near future, likely after Bob Raissman's mustache yells at people from the Daily News. (The release did, however, mention that the deal is in conjunction with both the Big East and ESPN Regional TV, so, it might not be many games.)

Unless you're like me and don't get ESPNU, the news has little impact in Connecticut (except, maybe some games will be in HD?). 

But it could be a moderately significant development -- rousing endorsement, I know -- for the the program, as it will improve its footing in one of the biggest TV markets. (Syracuse, meanwhile, is likely in a state of Reche Caldwell.)

It's hard to pin down what, exactly, this partnership entails at this point -- live press conferences? Weekly half-hour notebooks? -- but it's hard to imagine that this is anything but good news.