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Randy Edsall, Big East media day party pooper

The big storyline heading into Tuesday's big conference get together and seafood buffet was, as it has been for the past zillion (i.e. two, three) years, expansion.

Although the season is now just weeks away and substantial developments, or even moderately sane rumors, are few and far between, anyone who follows the Big East knows that, to keep it afloat, changes must be made. 

However, before any reporter could even ask a question, any question, commissioner John Marianatto dropped a big turd in the punch bowl: no one -- not the players, coaches, etc. -- would be speculating about it (even though most media outlets wrote about it anyway).

And, turns out, it was Randy Edsall who was mixing the Kool-Aid.

Per Brian Bennett, from's mega-sized media day notebook:

UConn coach Randy Edsall revealed he suggested last week that commissioner John Marinatto ban the coaches from talking about expansion/realignment at media day. It's a tired subject without any new information, anyway. "The only thing that should be talked about is our teams, because this is what's important," Edsall said. "We're getting ready to start the season."

Though Edsall sounds kind of like a clueless little-league parent by whining about how the players deserve coverage for all their hard work -- that's cool and everything, but, they also have zero debt after college, and it's boring as all hell; no one wants to hear about that, Randy -- he sort of has a point. As Bennett points out, there's not much new information on the subject -- aside from outrageous, unsubstantiated rumors, of course -- or any new other volume at which to scream about the lack of action.

But it comes off a bit disingenuous coming from a coach who made some headlines last week FOR SAYING HE WOULD BE IN FAVOR OF CONFERENCE EXPANSION. (Stop me if you've heard a similar rant before.) Edsall doesn't appear to be changing his opinion on the issue (he wouldn't Mo Harkless like that). But it's almost as bad to open the can of worms again and then quickly ... close the can. ... Like, before some one used the worms. Or something.

And it's also not like there's much else to really discuss today; the real main event had long-since been finished.

Pitt's being overrated, UConn underratedLouisville stinks, new pointless injury updates, Skip Holtz is proud of the Huskies ... It's all preseason nonsense that's covered only to fill time before the real stuff.

Stuff like the fate of a conference that may cease to exist in two or three years.