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Ater Majok probably leaving UConn

Ater Majok's time with the UConn basketball team is likely over, according to a report from the Hartford Courant. Multiple sources told the Courant about his seemingly imminent departure, with coach Jim Calhoun saying this:

"We're talking to Ater about his future, yeah," Calhoun said. "That's all I can say. … He hasn't made any decision yet, but he could certainly go back and play in the Australian professional league. Nothing's been determined yet, but there's a chance that kind of thing could happen."


Majok, who finished a disappointing freshman year averaging 2.3 points and 3 rebouns in just under 15 minutes a game. Majok often looked awkward and uncomfortable in his time on the court despite being a highly-touted recruit.

If Majok is indeed leaving, it will be hard to regard his brief career as a Husky as anything less than a huge disappointment reminiscent of the Ajou Ajou Deng fiasco in the early 2000's. Deng, like Majok, was another recruit that had both the media and Jim Calhoun loudly singing his praises before he ever stepped on the court, only to not deliver. Deng, the older brother of the Chicago Bulls' Loul Deng, played in Storrs for two underwhelming years before transferring.

It is tough to say how this might affect next year's UConn squad, mainly because it is tough to project how useful Majok would be with another off-season under his belt. If Majok does leave, it will leave the Huskies one scholarship below the NCAA limit of 13.