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Simulation: UConn beats Michigan 95 percent of the time

Yeah, I know, that sounds insane, 95 percent is a staggering number, but that is what the mad computer scientists over at came up with. Just as crazy? The average score in those games would be 38-23, according to the site.

For the uninitiated, is basically a simulation that lets you pit any two teams (including historical squads) against each other. The numbers above are part of Whatifsports' season preview, for which they ran thousands of simulations.

Of course, all the usual disclaimers apply apply, and these numbers really don't mean anything, but it is fun to look at, especially since it seems so insanely lopsided. The Boneyard excepted, I'm probably the biggest UConn homer on the Internet, and even I think the 95 percent number is ludicrous.

As for the rest of the season, Whatifsports has us coming in third in the Big East with a record of 9-3 (4-3). Pitt and Cincinatti take the top and second spots, respectively, with both posting a record of 9-3 (5-2), with Pitt beating the Bearcats for the tiebreaker.