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Big East overrules coaches, basketball tournament to retain double-bye format

The presidents of the 16 Big East schools have decided to retain a double-bye format for the league's basketball tournament, according to Fanhouse. In May, the conference's head coaches voted unanimously to eliminate the double-bye format and go to a four-round, 16-team tournament where the opening round would feature the 1 seed facing the 16.

However, the coaches' recommendation did not receive the required unanimous support from the presidents. "There were a variety of reasons and it was concluded that the timing wasn't right," Big East associate commissioner Dan Gavitt told FanHouse.

Despite the fact that just about everyone agrees that the double-bye format does not make a lot of sense from a basketball perspective, it does give the conference more flexibility for TV scheduling. The Fanhouse report also indicates that the conference might use the change of format as a bargaining chip when its TV contracts come up for renewal in a few years.